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We provide full services in Market Research and its respective areas.


Farm Insights Services

Field tabs provides complete market research solutions to agriculture industry. We are well versed with the challenges and solutions faced during the farm research studies.

We track more than 25,000 farmers, 400 agri-input retailers and 40 industry experts every year.

Farm Data Collecion Services

Field Tabs team clearly understand the challenges faced during the farmer interviews, and have developed the techninequies to overcome those challenges. All Field Tabs interviewers have agriculture bac ground and have sufficient experience to interview farmers in different situations.

Our Farm Tele-Advisors at Kisan Call Centres have prescribed minimum academic qualification in the field of agriculture and allied areas with excellent communication skills in respective local language attend to the farmers’ calls. The FTAs, although experts themselves, are considered as Level 1 (L1) support of Kisan Call Centres.


Field Tabs started it's journey with a group of agriculturists in 2010 from Delhi head quarter and established it's footprints across India and South Asia. Field Tabs is the leading provider of agricultural market research services.

Field tabs provides complete market research solutions to agriculture industry.

Initially Field Tabs started with farmers’ data collection and agri –input market information compilation. After getting appreciations and support from client company established its identity in agriculture market research and consultancy.

Agricultural Research has been one of the core areas of strength and interest for Field Tabs team. Having many domain experts on board since beginning, Field Tabs has been able to make a mark as a stalwart in Agriculture Research.

Field Tabs integrate farmers with latest technology to collect and analyse the farm information. It has very strong capabilities in online data collection through tablets and call centres.

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